SPA Concept Evolution (SpaCE) TM

The basic premise of our SPACETM program is that a well-developed spa concept is market driven. Once market dynamics are evaluated and market expectations defined then a successful spa concept development can be engineered. Our SPACETM program creates opportunities to develop a spa concept that exceeds guest expectations. In addition to traditional spa treatments we have the in-house expertise to advise on wellness and lifestyle choices that are some of the primary factors propelling the meteoric growth in the spa industry. The SPACETM program integrates spa facilities, design, finishes, programming and service delivery.  Anderson and Associates’ SPACETM program identifies the market opportunities and evaluates them in light of the owners/operators objectives.  Our SPACETM program:  

  • Establishes the overall spa concept 
  • Defines the spa arrival sequence
  • Defines the spa experience evaluating the tangible and intangible components
  • Provides cutting-edge lifestyle and wellness options  
  • Engineers the Spa Menu of Services and related price points
  • Designs packaging for specific market segments, including, as appropriate, locally based day-use
  • Analyzes the facility’s ability to attract and retain membership 
  • Defines on-site vehicles to show case, highlight and introduce spa amenities and services to all market segments.
  • Determines the retail opportunities
  • Defines food and beverage venues/opportunities
  • Defines additional programming opportunities related to the hotel and resort.
  • When appropriate, integrates the spa’s signature into other meaningful areas of the hotel.