Feasibility & Market Studies

With two decades of market and feasibility expertise, Anderson & Associates is equipped to critically evaluate and forecast the viability of the spa component relative to the dynamics of the hotel or resort in which it operates. We also evaluate the spa in the context of the overall lodging market dynamics as well as spa industry trends. Further, we evaluate hotel and resort spas with respect to their ability to operate as a profit center that drives occupancy and rate while enhancing other revenue sources throughout the property.  In our feasibility and market analysis we define the optimal market positioning of the spa through:

  • Site analysis
  • Property configuration
  • Market research
  • Comparable markets
  • Comparable facilities
  • Identification of emerging market demand
  • Identification of underserved niches 
  • Historic utilization levels and demand forecasts
  • Historic expenses and operating expense projections
  • Identification of spa related revenue sources
  • Identification of spa impact on overall property operations 
  • Historic payroll expenses and related staffing forecasts
  • Financial projections and budgets