Equipment & Product Selection

Products and equipments used in the spa have significant upside potential when sold in related retail outlets. When the standards established in spa are mirrored in the spa retail, hotel retail and guest room amenities the on-site guest experience is heightened, as is the guest’s ability to incorporate a portion of the spa/hotel experience when they return home. Anderson & Associates will provide your operation with creative and objective choices to enhance your guests’ experiences.  In this capacity we will:

  • Analyze the retail potential and contribution to the bottom line of spa products sold on-site.
  • Recommend the spa products to be used on-site.
  • Recommend the spa products to be offered as guest amenities.
  • Recommend product lines to be sold in the retail shops.
  • Assist with vendor selection.
  • Create on-site retail opportunities to showcase your spa program. 
  • Created off-site retail opportunities via websites and mail order opportunities.
  • Identify the type and quantity of equipment appropriate for your operation.
  • Create a "signature" line or profile piece for your operation.